ContentKing Review with Complete Walk-Through (2020)


ContentKing is a real-time SEO Auditing and Content Tracking tool for bloggers and marketers. This in-depth review will help you to understand why 24/7 auditing and monitoring is important for your site.

Product Outline

ContentKing is an SEO tool used by most of the marketers out there. Bloggers, SEO experts and marketing agencies use ContentKing because of its real-time auditing and content tracking. It generates an alert via email or Slack, if it finds any issues such as meta description, canonical links, etc., on your site.


➞   Monitors all the technicalities of your site for 24/7.
➞   Recurring scans allow us to track changes of each page regularly.
➞   Notify you whenever an SEO issue occurs and allow you to sort them by priority.
➞   Scale your pricing plan as per your usage (in pages) rather than compromising your requirements in a predefined subscription plan.


➞   No link tracking and rank tracking.
➞   Some pages that no longer exist are not deleted or removed.
➞   Sometimes a report of a page is missing when the page is actually present there.

Every blogger, as well as SEO expert, needs to monitor and analyse the website to make sure that their website is up to date as per the search engines.

If you’re handling a website with a couple of pages, then it’s easy to keep track of all the changes manually.


Have you ever thought about how you will manage the track of all the aspects, if your site is having multiple pages (e.g., hundreds of web pages)?

Here, ContentKing comes into the picture. In this article, we will look at how ContentKing becomes a revolutionary tool among marketers.

Let’s dive in.

ContentKing Overview

ContentKing is a real-time SEO Auditing and Content Tracking tool that helps designers, developers, and marketers to monitor every aspect on their site.

With ContentKing, you can improve the visibility and performance of your site on the search engine, which ultimately boosts your rankings and helps to outrank your competitors.

It provides a proactive approach to deal with issues to maintain and enhance your online presence. Although it monitors each web page of your site to spot the issues that can impact your page and site seriously.

ContentKing immediately notifies you whenever a new web page is added to your site, or removing of any web pages, or redirection of pages to another domain.

ContentKing Review with Complete Walk-Through

ContentKing is a web-based software that provides real-time auditing and monitoring. Once you sign in, you will be redirected to the dashboard.


ContentKing’s dashboard gives you an overview of your site’s health and the total number of pages on your site. Any changes you made in the site will appear in these two segments.

ContentKing will generate results on a daily basis and present it in the form of a graph. If the movement of a graph is rising, then there’s no issue, but if it is declining, then monitor the site’s health and analyze to check what problems occurred in your site in recent times.


Pages section will give you an overview of all your URLs so that you can monitor the performance of each web page. The columns within the page section include importance, health, type, hreflang, title, meta description, etc., of the page.

You can also manage (add or remove) the columns to filter the information you need for your site.

You can switch between the Tables and Graphs (whatever suits you) to monitor the data.

The best thing I liked about the platform is its “Change Tracking” with which you can see the changes made to your site in the past. For instance, you can view the pages that are added, removed or redirected within the last week or months (depending on your subscription plan).


In the platform section, you can analyze if there’s any problem with your domain redirects (http, https, www, non-www), XML sitemaps, and robots.txt file. At the top-right corner, you can see the “Platform Health”.


Issues is the most used section within the ContentKing platform. This section gives you an overview of all the issues on your site such as broken links, missing meta descriptions, titles, analytics, and much more.

Because of ContentKing’s real-time monitoring, it updates the issues continuously. So, if you are working on a specific issue of your site, ContentKing will monitor it in the background to give the best possible feedback.

When you navigate to the “Issues” section, you can see various issues on the left-hand menu. Then, click on the specific issue to check where the exact problem lies.

Let’s have a look at some of the most common issues:


This particular issue will show you whether the analytics (Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, etc.) and visual analytics (HotJar, Mouseflow. etc.) are installed on your site.

Canonical Links

Canonical links allow you to let search engines know that another page exists either identical or very similar content and only one of them should be considered while ranking it on the search engines.

ContentKing shows you which pages are using canonical tags which is a massive time-saver as compared to checking them on your site manually. Additionally, you can inspect the canonical tags to check whether they are used correctly or not.

For instance, you can find pages where two or more canonical tags are used. In the below case, two tags are placed – one to the Http and other to the Https version, which is not a good practice of SEO.

<link rel=“canonical” href=“” />

<link rel=“canonical” href=“” />

Furthermore, it will also suggest to you whether the canonical link is present or not on the indexable pages.

Meta Description

Meta Description is a crucial part of an on-page SEO and is likely to improve the click-through rate (CTR).

ContentKing shows you when there is a duplicate meta description, incorrect length, and even if the meta description is present or not.


Many people often overlook when it comes to internal linking. Although internal linking is essential to help Google crawl your site effectively. With ContentKing, you can get the information when you link to pages that redirect to other pages.

Additionally, ContentKing will let you know if there is any broken link present within your site.

Content Headings

If H1 headings are missing on your page or post, then ContentKing will let you know, so that you can update them accordingly. H1 headings are very important as they allow Google and your readers to understand what your page is all about.


ContentKing monitoring system sends you proactive alerts whenever it detects impactful changes and issues.

Consider the title of most important pages are changed, hreflang references are deleted, robots.txt file accidentally changed, or any other issue occurs, then ContentKing will send you an alert via email or Slack.

The best feature of Alerts is you can define a custom alert for your website. To do so, click on “Create Alert Definitions”.

Checkbox the alerts that you want to set up. Then, click on “Continue to settings”.

In the next step, you can configure the scope and sensitivity level (low, medium, high, and always) of the alert. Also, add the recipients to whom these alerts will arrive.

You can connect your Slack channel to receive alerts directly on your Slack. Once you click on “Save definition”, the alert will then be added to the alerts definitions list.

ContentKing Features

ContentKing offers various features, including SEO Auditing, SEO Monitoring, SEO Alerting, SEO Change Tracking, Insights & Reporting, and APIs & Integrations.

SEO Auditing

With 24/7 real-time SEO auditing, you’ll be able to take actions against false positives. It makes sure your web pages and website are visible and searchable on search engines.

Additionally, you can easily track when the issues are being introduced and when they are solved. In simpler words, you can analyze as well as optimize everything in your site with the help of ContentKing.

Every website and business differs in their own way, that’s why ContentKing introduced advanced configuration options. This will help you to set up specific auditing parameters for a particular site.

SEO Monitoring

SEO Monitoring helps you to monitor each and every SEO related activities on your website. Whether page titles change or pages become non-indexable, you will be notified immediately.

ContentKing uses algorithms to monitor your site, it uses tons of factors to decide when to check the specific page, such as the importance of the web page within the site, engagement on the page, and many more.

It keeps an eye on the performance of your website all time, so whenever the performance of your site degrades, it automatically monitors the issues to prevent your site from overloading.

SEO Alerting

Whenever an issue arises on your site, ContentKing generates an alert to you. From meta descriptions missing to broken links, it sends an alert. So, if you get an alert from ContentKing, it is because there is a change made on your site that you should know.

You might be thinking what if hundreds of changes are made on a website daily. You don’t have to worry as ContentKing only alerts according to the importance and overall structure of your site.

Also, you can choose which alert you want to be active and for which section of the website.

You can even configure how you want to receive alerts. You can get alerts in-app notifications, via email or Slack (when you want to include your entire team).

SEO Change Tracking

You may know a single change within a website can have an adverse effect on your sites’ performance. And, to prevent such instances, ContentKing keeps track of all the activities of your site.

Whether a new web page is added or removed, or any topic is changed, you’ll be able to see all the changes with the help of SEO change tracking.

ContentKing tracks titles, meta descriptions, images, headings, directives and much more. However, it also allows you to track any custom element. With Custom Element Extraction, you can track changes in your custom elements.

Insights & Reporting

With the SEO reporting feature, you can access all the essential information with regards to your website. You can visualize and analyze the data about each web page issues and modifications.

In case, you are managing multiple websites, you can take a look at insights of every website through a helicopter view (or a general view). If you want to look for specific metrics, then you can click on those metrics and zoom in to the details.

Every Monday morning, you will receive a weekly report on your email by ContentKing. Basically, the report contains an overview of your sites such as issues and changes made to the web page or site.

APIs & Integrations

You can integrate ContentKing with various platforms to collect valuable data, statistics, and metrics.

  • Slack: Push alerts into any of your team Slack’s channels. It ensures you that all of your team members are aware of the issues.
  • Google Analytics: Analyze all the metrics, including pageviews, page value, bounce rate, etc.
  • Google Search Console: Check the performance of each web page or the entire website by analyzing clicks, impressions, CTR, and position.
  • Google Data Studio: Share results of your SEO auditing and monitoring with your team members and clients with amazing templates.

ContentKing offers its API to integrate the software with other content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. It increases efficiency and productivity when you want to create and edit pages, and perform SEO auditing at the same time.

Pricing Plans

ContentKing offers five plans namely Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. All the subscription plans include unlimited websites and users, website auditing, 24/7 monitoring, change tracking, and proactive alerting.

The Basic plan of ContentKing costs you $39 per month. With the Basic plan, you can integrate Slack, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and add a Google Chrome Extension.

To track custom elements, you will have to upgrade your plan to Standard which costs you $89 per month. The data retention is for 9 months which is a bit higher than 6 months provided by the basic plan.

In the Pro plan, you can also integrate Google Data Studio and get a Reporting API. The cost of the Pro plan is $149 per month. However, data retention is for 12 months.

When you need to track more than 11,000,000 pages, then you will have to subscribe to the Enterprise plan. The cost will vary according to the number of pages you select. You’ll get the access control and billing option which you don’t get in other plans.

Here, you can find in-detail features with a comparison chart of all the plans. You can save up to 15% off the total price by subscribing quarterly, and an impressive 25% by subscribing annually.

If you’re still not convinced with the ContentKing, then you can try its free 14-day trial with limited access.


ContentKing is a tool that helps you to save your time through monitoring and auditing, but there are other tools also who have more features than ContentKing.


Serpstat is a growth hacking tool for SEO, PPC, search analytics, and content marketing. Whether you are a blogger, SEO expert or marketing agency, Serpstat is their first choice and it’s worth investing in.

Serpstat has dozens of features, including Website Analysis, Keyword Research, Backlink Analysis, Rank Tracker, Site Audit, and many more. It helps you to build SEO strategies as well as marketing plans.

Unlike ContentKing, Serpstat has both link building and rank tracking tools to help you find out new link opportunities for your site.

Serpstat provides a competitor research tool that helps you to grow your blog. Along with the competitors’ keywords, it also recommends the trending keywords (by Google Trends). You can also check the keyword difficulty so that you can understand how difficult it is to rank for that particular keyword.

ContentKing basic plan costs you $39 per month which is cheaper than the basic plan ($69 per month) of Serpstat. However, Serpstat has more advanced features than ContentKing.

Check our complete review of Serpstat here to learn more about how this all-one-growth hacking tool can help you with your content marketing, SEO, and PPC campaigns.


SpyFu is a tool with which you can spy on your competitors’ site. It helps you to monitor the organic as well as paid keyword searches of your competitors.

With SpyFu, you can increase your websites’ traffic, track keyword rankings, analyze competitors’ backlinks, check ad history, and much more.

Apart from CPC of the keyword, it also breaks down the CPC on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and unique visitors on the specific keyword in the past year. SpyFu’s best thing is it provides daily search volume, difficulty score, and more.

ContentKing and SpyFu both cost you $39 per month, but they differ with their features and tools. So, I would suggest you first understand your requirements and then make an actual buy for any of the marketing tools.

Check our complete review of SpyFu here to learn more about this amazing PPC Tool.

Conclusion — ContentKing Review

ContentKing is a tool that every marketer should include in their list. Real-time SEO auditing and content tracking help you to prevent issues and errors in your site. And, the new alert system alerts you every time whenever there’s an unexpected issue.

ContentKing takes care of everyone in the market whether you have a single website with hundreds of web pages or multiple sites with millions of pages. They also mentioned some of the case studies on their official site.

If your business mainly depends on your website, then ContentKing is worth investing in.

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